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Project Material Pty Ltd is a global leader in environmental and infrastructure protection products and services. We develop, manufacture and distribute sustainable construction products for government and private organisations internationally. Our key areas of expertise include servicing civil and marine projects requiring erosion control, scour protection, soil and bank stabilisation, retention walls, PFAS passive filtration and environmental remediation.


In 2008 with staff of 1, the business under another guise was established to promote bespoke weld mesh gabions to architects, landscapers, builders and home based projects through its web portal and ecommerce shop.

The interest was positive and sales grew immediately from humble beginnings in the family garage to work shop and warehouse in the first 12 months. The popularity of weld mesh gabions continued to grow along with commercial interest for woven gabions and other erosion control materials. The company continued to develop its market presence to become one of the largest gabion suppliers in Australia.

In 2018 the business was involved in an array of niche projects requiring custom product solutions with high quality geosynthetics and in addition the emergence of flexible gabions in the form of rock bags.

In 2020 amidst the world shutting down with the covid pandemic, the company changed name to “Project Material”  in order to better representing its direction, product range and services offered. Soon after, in partnership with specialist contractors and the Australian Department of Defence delivered the worlds first passive barrier system for PFAS remediation at William Town RAAF base.

With demand for rock bags increasing, by 2022 Project Material initiated the world first full scale rock bag stability test in Brisbane Australia proving the viability and engineering capabilities of the system.

In 2023 we leverage on our project and material experience to design, manufacture and distribute Rock Bag Filter Units globally.


Empowering staff and clients, we act with speed & nimbleness in providing innovative solutions for our customers and stakeholders.


Project Material prides itself on ethically sourced materials, sustainable product solutions, embracing new technology and delivering the highest quality products and services.

We are unwavering in pursuit of positive outcomes for stakeholders, communities and mother nature at every opportunity.

More About Rock Bag Filter Units

Rock Bag Filter Units has been developed over a 5 year period with significant financial investment made into product development, material testing, proving the concept viable for designers and manufacturing for the global market.

The flexible yet robust rock bags have rapidly become popular for erosion control and scour protection, flash flooding, asset protection, coastlines, sand nourishment, ports, harbours and many other emerging applications in the construction and environmental markets.

Rock Bag Filter Units offer simplicity, durability, efficiency and cost advantages of traditional gabions, concrete blocks and rock beaching methods.

They effectively absorb wave energy, are stable in turbulent water and are suitable for above ground or sub surface applications, fresh or saline environments, temporary or long term works making them superior over other systems.

Taking the guess work out, with a small team 100’s of rock bags can be filled, lifted and deployed every day in accordance with a specific design including lengths, depths, heights, qty’s, pressures, flow rates etc.

The Rock Bag Filter Units are available in 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 ton options depending on application and availability of equipment. Custom solutions are also available upon request.



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